Air Cooler


SPEEDO Portable Cooler Unit ACC9000 is engineered specially for use in equatorial and tropical climate conditions. The system has the following usages:

To reduce temperature of a chamber as to satisfy technical requirements and improves working efficiency. An effective ventilation method to reduce toxic/hazardous gas for prevention of accident occurrences. Its cooling effect improves working environment, and enhances working productivity. The unit comes complete with a specially designed control panel and can be easily transported by cranes or forklift.


Airflow capacity 900 m3/h
Cooling media Air Cool / Refrigeration
Condenser heat dissipation Air Cool method
Compressor Copeland, USA, ZR310KC-TWD-552
Refrigerant R22
Temperature Control High Sensiive Temperature Detector
Operating Temperature 16°C ~ 25°C
Evaporator Material Copper tube + Aluminum fin
Condenser Material Copper tube + Aluminum fin
Air Discharge Outlet Connection 4 x Dia. 250mm outlet
External Dimension 2000mm x 170mm x 2600mm (L x W x H)
Overall Weight 2500 kg
Power Supply 415 V 3 phase 50HZ
Total Power Consumption 31Kw