Plastic Wet Film Gauge


The Tricomb Wet Film Gauge ensures the quality control of the paint thickness while the coating is still wet. Applying too much coating can be expensive.

Very useful on non-metallic substrates where the coating can only be measured destructively when dry.

The plastic disposable Wet Film Gauges are supplied in quantities of 200 and give the industrial painter a quick and easy test of the wet film thickness. Manufactured in plastic, this disposable Wet Film Gauge has been designed for one-off use only, saving time on cleaning the teeth after use. They can also be left to dry and be kept as a permanent record of the paint thickness.

Wet film thickness measurement should be taken as soon as possible after the coating application. Press the Wet Film Gauge onto the coated flat surface so it touches the substrate. Allow sufficient time for the coating to wet the teeth before removing the Gauge. The coating thickness can now be observed by looking at the base of the teeth.

All gauges have metric values on the front side of the gauge and imperial values on the back.