EQ 600S


The EQ 600S is our high-production, stand-alone unit that attaches to any 375~600 cfm air compressor. It has the ability to blast from 30~140 psi. This unit comes with a hot-dipped galvanized blast pot, stainless steel crash frame, control panel, plumbing and components, and our user-friendly controls. It has a 125-gallon, UV-protected poly tank. All of our units are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The EQ600S comes standard with 50 feet of blast hose, pneumatic or electric dead man control, and a #8 nozzle. The unit fits in the bed of any standard pickup truck.

  • Unparalleled Production Speeds
  • Dust Suppression (up to 97% less than conventional blasting)
  • Less Media Consumption; Less Cleanup & Disposal
  • Easy to Use, Heavy-Duty Components, Exceptionally Reliable


  • Reduced Media Consumption (50-150 lbs of media an hour)
  • Reduced Run-Off (Less than 1 qt per minute)
  • Suppresses up to 97% of airborne particles (Lowering containment cost)
  • Less waste material to dispose (Reducing transport and disposal cost)
  • Effective in rain and high humidity
  • Remove coatings w/o damaging sub-surface
  • Standard Abrasive Grit heavier than water*

* For the best production use performance media with a medium to fine mesh size.
** Please see complete warranty for details. Specification subject to change without notice.


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