Handheld Electric Airless Sprayer


TrueCoat sprayers are the fastest and easiest way to get professional results on your painting projects. TrueCoat II is preset to the optimal spray setting to reduce overspray and provide more control when spraying the most common materials and applications.

  • Sprays Variety of Materials
    Stains, acrylics, enamels, oil-based primers and latex*
  • No Thinning Required
    Pour material directly into cup without the need to add water
  • One Pass Coverage
    Finish fast with one coat to achieve the best quality finish
  • 10X Faster than Brushing or Rolling
    Saves you time and money!

TrueCoat II Includes:

  • TrueCoat II Electric Airless Sprayer (Part #16N658)
  • Wide (515) Pattern Reversible Tip
  • 32 oz (0.95 l) Cup and 5 Cup Liners
  • 4 oz (0.12 l) bottle Pump Armor
  • How To Instructional DVD

* Compatible with most materials that can be cleaned with mineral spirits, paint thinner or water. Do not use materials which state “flammable” on the packaging.


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