Pinhole Detector


Transportable high voltage Holiday Detector to locate pores, cracks and other faults in insulating materials (e.g. varnish, synthetic material, rubber, bitumen) on conductive substrates (e.g. steel, aluminium, earth-moist concrete constructions) as per DIN 55670.

The Holiday Detector, PoroTest 7, is specially designed to test functionally critical insulating layers, e.g. inner and outer linings of tanks and pipelines in the field of petrochemicals, anti-corrosion coatings in shipbuilding, protective coatings of sewage tanks etc.

The electronically controlled high voltage source unfailingly prevents the test voltage from exceeding and dropping below limit, a feature not provided in low-cost devices. Exceeding the limit can cause damage to the coating to be tested; dropping below the limit prevents detection of pores.

A wide range of special electrodes are available; we can also fabricate customised inner, outer and plate electrodes as per application requirement of the client.


Property Value
Operating range P7:0.5 kV – 7 kV
P35:6 kV – 35 kV
Coating thickness P7:0.03 mm – 1.7 mm
P7:1 mils – 67 mils
P35:1.4 mm – 11.3 mm
P35:55 mils – 444 mils
Voltage DC
Test voltage indication LC-Display, 3-digit
Accuracy of voltage setting ± 0.1 kV – + 3 %of reading
Dimensions and weight High voltage probe:274 mm x 63 mm (l x dia)/550 g 10.8“ x 2.48“/1.2 lbs/19.4 oz.
Control unit:225 mm x 150 mm x 85 mm (L x W x H)/1400 g / 8.87“ x 5.9“ x 3.35“ (L x W x H)/3 Ibs/49 oz.
Alarm signal 90 dB, 0.1 s/Pore, continuous tone in case of short-circuit
Signal output potential free, Umax.: 100 V, Imax.: 0.4 A
Storage battery 4 C-cells, IEC LR 14, 3.5 Ah, NiMH, replaceable
Storage battery life at maximum voltage P7:~ 20 h
P35:~ 10
Storage battery charging time 4 hquick charge
Mains Voltage 110 V – 230 V
50 Hz – 60 Hzautomatic switch
Operating temperature 0 °C – 50 °C
32 °F – 122 °F
Humidity avoid dew on the surface (refer to DIN 55 670)
Standards DIN 55 670, DIN 50191 (VDE 0104), DIN EN 61010/Part 1 (VDE 0411/Part 1)


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